SVARTIDAUDI – Hideous Silhouettes Of Lynched Gods 7″EP

-Infamous Icelandic Black Metal, two songs recorded back in 2010, endlessly delayed by forces unknown, here presented in all their glory by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively.


RITUAL DEATH – Ritual Death 7″EP

-Born from the fires of frustration, a simple offering and celebration to the Daimonic and Adverse spirit in us, a primitive worship of the only God that humanity never were able to Kill.

This is Ritual DEATH.

Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively.


CORNIGR – Funereal Harvest LP

-The music to your funeral, CORNIGR disbands with this three track masterpiece of poisonous, rotten, hypnotizing Black Metal. One door closes, seven gates opens…

Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively.

Vinyl comes with a 20 minute long ambient B-side.


DARVAZA – The Downward Descent 12″MLP

-No gimmicks, no bullshit; pure Black Metal Devotion!”O Lord, how manifold are thy works!

In wisdom hast thou made them all:

the earth is full of thy riches…

plagues and murders!”

Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively.

Vinyl version comes with poster.


SLIDHR – Spit Of The Apostate 12″MLP

-Fiery Black Metal from Ireland. Intricate, yet without straying away from the by now well known Slidhr sound; fresh and unique, something thats quite an accomplishment in todays infected Black Metal “scene”.

Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively.


SINMARA – Aphotic Womb 2xLP

-Sinmara was previously known under the name CHAO. The change in name sees the band develop upon their foundations of chaotic agression contrasted with haunting melodies, bringing forth a newfound maturity and focus of composition, masterful musicianship and a zealous intensity of execution. Along with the change in name there has also been a change in line-up, and the band now features members of Wormlust, Rebirth of Nefast and Svartidauði. Aphotic Womb takes the listener on a descent into a writhing underworld of diverse soundscapes and themes, from the harmonic chaos and orchestrated madness of “Verminous”, to the mournful elegy of the title track, and culminating in the eschatological epic “Mountains of Quivering Bones”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered over a period of 2 years by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, resulting in a world class production, and features stunning artwork and layout from Alexander L. Brown at BNB Illustration & Design. Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively. Repress comes with OBI-strip.



-The closing of a chapter. 13 years after its formation Celestial Bloodshed is releasing their final opus. This is the final breath of a cursed assembly which have stood their ground and never strained from their path which have taken them deeper and further into the unknown than was ever expected. BLOOD have been shed, the FIRE is still burning and DEATH’s knuckled finger is now pointing towards the tomb. We have watched the circus from the shadows of the underground, refusing to be part of it. This is our final offering. I hope you choke on your dreams. Death to false Devotion. Hylla Satan. -W. Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively.

Repress with new poster by K. Lehto/Porta Atra.



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