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We’re incredibly proud to be able to announce the complete line-up for Beyond the Gates 2017. It has become everything we were hoping for and a litte more.

For the first time in history the festival will take place at the recently rebuilt USF Verftet in Bergen. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our roots – we will still arrange day time activities at the Garage club in addition to a brand new concept of ours.

Over the course of three days 20 bands will perform live across the two stages, starting at USF Verftet on Thursday the 24th of Augst, wrapping up at the same place two days later with ENSLAVED’s spectacular run through of their debut masterpiece, “Vikingligr Veldi”. This will be the first and last time the band will play this groundbreaking album in full.

Before that you’ve been able to witness Czech legends, the highly influential MASTER’S HAMMER, play their first indoor show in 25 years with a set comprised of gems from their early albums, “Ritual” and “The Jilemnice Occultist” exclusively.

And there’s more! What about being able to catch rising heavy metal stars, SUMERLANDS first ever European show? REVENGE, Mercyful Fate axemen, DENNER / SHERMANN and the speed metal pioneers, EXCITER will all play in Norway for the very first time.

In addition to this MAYHEM will perform their classic album “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” in its entirety, alongside premiere bands such as MGLA, NEGATIVE PLANE, VEMOD, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, BLACK MAGIC and CULT OF FIRE. Underground stalwarts DARK SONORITY will play their last show ever during the opening night of Beyond the Gates.

Recently added to the bill are emerging Nidrosian black metal extraordinaires, WHOREDOM RIFE and Icelands premiere extreme metal band MISTHYRMING.

Last but not least we’d like to introduce our new concept; the Terratur Possessions presented THE DUNGEON. Friday and Saturday afternoon, before the concerts at USF Verftet start, we’ll present two very special underground acts in a more intimate setting.

Scheduled for these events are VORUM, 13th MOON, DARVAZA and VIRCOLAC.

The concerts will not conflict with any of the other performances and free to those who own a three day festival pass.

The principle of first come, first served applies here.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to what will be the greatest celebration of underground metal you will witness this year and beyond.

Day tickets and festival pass available here:


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We’re happy to introduce a new feature to the Beyond the Gates festival: The Dungeon. As you all know we have a very strong connection with the Garage venue and the staff there, so despite the fact that the main stage is moved to the much bigger USF Verftet, we thought we should put on some shows at Garage too. On Friday and Saturday Terratur Possessons will host two afternoon concerts in the familiar realms of the Garage basement. Doors at 03.00 PM cerfew 05.30 PM. It will not conflict with the bands playing the main stage.

Everyone that has purchased a weekend pass will be able to see the gigs without any extra charge. As the venue is smaller than the number of weekend passes on sale, it will be a first come first serve type of thing.

Friday 27.02:
13th Moon

Saturday 26.08:

With their latest EP, ”Current Mouth” Vorum has definitely raised the bench mark for how to play and present death metl. ”Current Mouth” is one of the most scary and extreme recordings ever to be spit out from Scandinavia. It’s the reminder of what true Death Metal is all about & throws up on every indication of conformity and ingratiation. The band will play as a part of The Dungeon at Garage.

//13TH MOON//
Black Metal, a genre where mysticism and occultism is key, few manage to bring forth an atmosphere matched by this band. With their ritualistic shows they manage to bring forth suffocating energies and devilish darkness reminiscent of bands like Mare and Cult Of Fire! As cliche this might sound in this day and age, there’s the wrong way of doing things and then there’s the right way… 13th Moon serves Death and is here to collect.

Facebook: … 841387465/

Garnering a good amount of attention these days, and rightfully so, Darvaza have quickly created quite a reputation for themselves. With two successful EP’s yet only a handful of gigs under their belt (all stunning performances might I add) the band have upcoming gigs and offers around Europe for months to come! Raw, filthy, old school Black Metal delivered with no gimmicks, just fiery pure devotion!

Sample: … of-passion

Dublin is mostly known for two things: Guinness and Alan Averill! But here comes a contester to their legacies; Death Metal purists VIRCOLAC! Speared by Invictus Productions own Darragh O’Laoghaire, the band has become quite a force to reckon with! Recently they released a critically acclaimed EP through Dark Descent Records and Sepulchral Voice Records, two heavy hitters in the underground, which should get the attention this band deserves! Hail horror, Hail!