BEYOND THE GATES pt VI: Bjørgvin Black Mass


Bear with me;

First and foremost; Thank you all for this years Beyond The Gates festival. Everything from performances and audience to the crew and hangarounds showed us yet again how a festival can and should be. We can’t thank you enough. Every year it just gets better and better, which leads me to my next point; the upgrade of next years edition. People seems as positively shocked as they are confused. “Will it be just Black Metal? Why not Garage?” Etc etc. Let me try to clarify…

BTG needed an upgrade for many reasons, the infamous and ever so glorious Garage simply doesn’t cut it in terms of our visions, we had to move. What better than a move back to where Hole In The Sky was held? Back to the roots! We will get back to the old traditions again; quiz, VIP-room, yet with even more options for guests, fans and bands alike. Wait and see, we won’t reveal too much quite yet.

There will be bigger bands alongside the “underdogs”, bigger names returning to the roots where they came from. Can’t say too much but lets just say it will be something special, not yet another festival out there. New bands who never played in Norway before, exclusive once in a lifetime shows, and more.

Which brings me to my next point at hand. There are too many happenings around these days. We had to step up or get out, the cannibalism within the scene will get more and more visible in time and is already taking it’s toll around Europe. We aim to ride the storm and stand victorious, come join us!

Bjørgvin Black Mass is NOT the new name of the fest, it is still BEYOND THE GATES. We made an undertitle for the fest to give people an impression where we’re going and where we come from. A return to HITS blended with NIDROSIAN BLACK MASS with thoughts and ideas borrowed from inspiring festivals such as ROADBURN and PRAGUE DEATH MASS.

Will there be only Black Metal, you ask? Only bands that have played the aforementioned festivals? Absolutely not. We’re aiming for a more sinister approach next year, but with genres far exceeding “Black Metal”, including Doom and Death Metal. Just you wait and see…

I hope this clarify somewhat our vision and we hope to see you all again next year! And for Pete’s sake spread the video and word all around, a simple click+share are and you’ve done your part. It’s appreciated.

Discounted Early Bird tickets are on sale now!…/beyond-the-gates-bjrgvi…/509023

Best regards,
Ole A. Aune
On behalf of Torgrim Øyre and Stian Fossum: BEYOND THE GATES Trinity.