Knokkelklang – Jeg Begraver LP/CD
-At long last, the wait is over! The debut full-length of KNOKKELKLANG is finally due! 
‘Jeg Begraver’ offers 40 minutes of chilling melancholy and bleakness in the by now infamous Knokkelklang vein. For those familiar with the previous demo outlets, the band continues on the same path only perfecting the sound and songwriting, like this astonishingly dynamic, over 20 minutes long song this sample is taken from.
An amazing release, through and through. It’s an honor to be a part of this.
Released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.
V/A – Ekstrophë Compilation Deluxe LP/CD
-Ekstrophë, a musical collaboration of six bands, each presenting the soundscape of disembodiment through their perspective. The whole has been tied together with Dark Ambient by Black Majesty and The Temple of Erythran Current, crowned by amazing artwork by Cold Poison(Antithesis).
Six tracks. Six lyric sheets. Six artworks.
Features Dødsengel, Devouring Star, Flagellant, Arfsynd, Ibex Angel Order, Chalice Of Blood and ambient by Black Majesty & the Temple of the Erythran Current. 
Released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.
SVARTIDAUDI – Flesh Cathedral repress DLP/CD
-All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity. Recorded at Manus Nigra Studios in the early winter of 2011, Flesh Cathedral is an epic journey through labyrinthine nightmares and hallucinogenic initiation. Chronicling years of meditative abuse of body and mind, bearing the fruit of turmoil and transcendental decadence. 
As the debut full length of SVARTIDAUÐI, the Flesh Cathedral stands as a monument of transfigurations and apocalyptic lust. 
Cross the borders of nightmares… 
…venture into the sphere of whorrors… 
…enter the Flesh Cathedral.
Comes with totally revamped layout by Alex Tedin/Heresie Graphics, includes gatefold cover and a huge poster.
Released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.
SVARTIDAUDI – The Synthesis Of Whore and Beast MLP/MCD
-Transmission: Vibrating from the centre of a dead sun and manifested in the terrible shadow cast by the sect’s debut offering, Flesh Cathedral, The Synthesis of Whore and Beast presents two apocalyptic hymns of blinding illumination and iconoclastic orgasms, tantric mantras to end all flesh.
1. Venus Illegitima
2. Impotent Solar Phallus
Total playtime : 16.27 min
Artwork by Timo Ketola and David Glomba. Produced by Stephen Lockhart at Emissary Studio. 
New, totally revamped layout by BrianVDP.
Released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.
SINMARA – Aphotic Womb DLP
-Sinmara was previously known under the name CHAO. The change in name sees the band develop upon their foundations of chaotic agression contrasted with haunting melodies, bringing forth a newfound maturity and focus of composition, masterful musicianship and a zealous intensity of execution. Along with the change in name there has also been a change in line-up, and the band now features members of Wormlust, Rebirth of Nefast and Svartidauði. Aphotic Womb takes the listener on a descent into a writhing underworld of diverse soundscapes and themes, from the harmonic chaos and orchestrated madness of “Verminous”, to the mournful elegy of the title track, and culminating in the eschatological epic “Mountains of Quivering Bones”. 
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered over a period of 2 years by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, resulting in a world class production, and features stunning artwork and layout from Alexander L. Brown at BNB Illustration & Design. 
Released by TERRATUR POSSESSIONS exclusively. 
MANII – Sinnets Irrganger MC
-When Manes morphed into something more than what once was, something was stirring beneath. After some time the two originators of the project, Cernunnus and Sargatanas, wanted to recede and devolve back into the shadows of Trondheim. This retreat into darkness bred something dismal – Manii.
Discomforting, haunting and ethereal Black Metal, Manii holds the spirit of the early 90s, yet with that extra unintelligible facet that made Manes into the band most of us know and worship.
Manii harnesses layers and levels, which musically invoke a level of malaise that isn’t easy to portray. An unappeasable expression of the desperation of existence, and the ever reaching depth of the scorn of self…
Tape released in conspiracy with Cloven Hoof. Comes with their Skuggeheimen EP as bonus.
12″MLP and CD(Incl. Skuggeheimen 7″EP as bonus) coming 2018, released by Terratur Possessions exclusively. Art by B.H.N.Q./Beyond Art, layout by Kontamination Design.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ManiiOfficial
Bandcamp: manii.bandcamp.com
MANII – Kollaps MC
-Their debut release ‘Kollaps’ continues the original MANES legacy, naturally picking up where ‘Under Ein Blodraus Maane’ left off back in 1999.  MANII, rightly known as the new incarnation of the old Norwegian legend MANES, give us a chance to revisit the greatest moments in the history of Black Metal with a lesson of freezing darkness, combining a solid musical background and a unique and invaluable know-how on the writing of cold, immersible and haunting Black Metal.
Tape released by Terratur Possessions and Cloven Hoof.