WHOREDOM RIFE – Ride the Final Tide EP

WHOREDOM RIFE – ‘Ride the Final Tide’

The Song ‘Ride the Final Tide’ shows a more aggressive side to the band and did not fit the album they are currently working on. Consider this a treat/threat while you wait for the upcoming fullenght. The 7″EP also includes a cover of Manes -‘Maanens Natt’, a band that always meant a lot for the local scene here, and who’s been close conspirators for over three decades.

7”EP will be out late August 2020; vinyl and digital only.

Thick cardboard sleeve with UV details, insert and a limited blood red color version as usual, Ván Records exclusive. First come first served.

EP layout by Tylden & O.A.A., front cover shield reworked by Jose Gabriel Algeria Sabogal.

Video by Necrolust Productions and O.A.A.

Whoredom Rife:



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