Byscenen & Terratur Possessions presents:
31. august, Trondheim; NORWAY
Cc 320,- + expences
18 year age limit
Doors: 19.00
Gig starts: 20.00
2018 marks 25 years of Taake, one of the few bands that never strayed away from the traditional Norwegian Black Metal sound this country is(was?) well known for by now. By the tight grip of Hoest’ hands, the band kept the spirit of Black Metal intact while still being able to incorporate unique elements to their music, without taking it too far like most other legends did. With their 7th album, “Kong Vinter”, recently released, Taake shows yet again why they are one of the leading bands within the genre. The band is playing huge international festivals and gigs across Europe and South America, and its with great pleasure we announce their return to Trondheimh since their sold out gig a few years back. Prepare for a lesson in Norwegian Black Metal, the way it was intended to be!
And speaking of a lesson in Norwegian Black Metal; the relatively new, up and coming band WHOREDOM RIFE will play their first gig in their hometown Trondheim this evening. Their album “Dommedagskvad” reigned on top of most end-of-the-year-lists out there last year and has been nominated for Spellemansprisen this year, and rightfully so! WHOREDOM RIFE breathes fresh life into a genre most feel died with the legends at the end of the 90ies. Epic, traditional Black Metal that easily could’ve been released back in the 90ies alongside classic cats like Immortal, Mayhem and Satyricon, to mention a few. This band represents the nostalgia of the glory days, yet taken one step further and in the by now well known WHOREDOM RIFE vein. After series of successful gigs around Europe, the band has already quite the reputation as a live force to reckon with! If all goes according to plan, there will be some surprises this evening. More on that at a later point.
And last but definitively not least; OBLITERATION! Handpicked for this event, they will open this evening! Expect nothing but mind blowing Death Metal the band is internationally well known for! Yet full of original finesse and intricate elements, this band also swears by the traditional sound of their respective genre. Influenced by bands such as Morbid Angel, Autopsy and old Darkthrone, to mention a few, you get the idea. The band returns to Trondheim hopefully with some new material in the bag! Fingers crossed!
Terratur Possessions will sell merch and records at the venue. Be there!
Terratur Possessions: https://terraturpossessions.com/